Provincial elites use Zuma as Trojan horse to hit Treasury by Ivor Chipkin, Joel Pearson and Sarita Pillay (BDLive), 17 December 2015

18 December 2015

President Jacob Zuma listens to the state of the nation debate in Parliament. Picture: GCIS

AFTER Nhlanhla Nene was fired, cyber and print commentary, searching for an explanation, grasped at several terms: state capture, cronyism, patronage. The essence of the argument is that President Jacob Zuma’s actions were motivated by self-interest and the interests of family, friends and associates.

Thwarted attack reins in the ANC’s rural barons by Steven Friedman (BDLive), 17 December 2015

18 December 2015

Protesters wave banners and flags calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg on Wednesday. Picture: AFP PHOTO/MUJAHID SAFODIEN

SOMETIMES, failing to see a society’s strengths can be as much of a problem as ignoring its weaknesses. Which is why much of the reaction to Pravin Gordhan’s return as finance minister did us no favours by presenting a victory for SA as a defeat.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Two cases cast their shadows on Zuma by Franny Rabkin (BDLive), 17 December 2015

18 December 2015

COURT DATES: The ‘spy tapes’ and ‘pay back the money’ matters, in which president Zuma is embroiled, come up in the new year. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma is no stranger to court, but in February and March, two cases will be heard that could have significant personal consequences for him. After more than six years of legal wrangling, the court case that could lead to Mr Zuma facing corruption charges once again has finally been set down to be heard in March.

UNEMBARGOED: Claim Mandela sold out is easy but ahistorical by Songezo Zibi (BDlive), 07 December 2015

8 December 2015

They were severely tortured.

Weapons and fighters were spirited to the former Transkei, where a homeland dictator friendly to the ANC, Bantu Holomisa, provided them with sanctuary and used state resources to sustain them. Of course, this later became inconvenient to mention as the battle for political power within the ANC resulted in the general’s expulsion from the party.

Cosatu march: For Who, for What? by BC Simelane and G Nicolson (Daily Maverick), South Africa

8 December 2015

Almost everything and everyone, it turns out. If last week's anti-corruption march had a vague focus, Cosatu's national strike on Wednesday included something for everyone. The demands however aren't the point. It was an attempt to foster unity while the federation is fractured, a search for relevance while Cosatu is under unprecedented pressure. By BHEKI C. SIMELANE & GREG NICOLSON.

EFF’s Dali Mpofu: Changing the Constitution. Tackling inequality, poverty by Tim Modise (BizNews), 30 October 2015

5 November 2015

Advocate Dali Mpofu says the huge turnout at the march organised by the EFF demonstrates that South Africans are fed up with the current economic structure of the country. The march took place in Johannesburg where the 50,000 demonstrators presented memoranda to the Reserve Bank, Chamber of Mines and the JSE. He says the EFF is opposed to the entrenchment of inequality and poverty levels in society and will change the constitution to revoke the property clauses.